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Wojciech Odrobina  Ireland

Wojciech Odrobina Architect with extensive experience in the development and creation of urban design, always taking care of the details and organization of all the projects he carries out, thus providing a quality treatment and unique experience to the client. Unique and innovative designs created by the hand of the latest 3D technology programs, as well as the domain of programs such as Archicad, Artlantis and photoshop. Artistic skills developed with which the project of your dreams is designed. Creation of different architectural facades from baroque to urban and modernist, in addition to a wide planning field in which it includes: houses buildings, parking lots and medical spaces.

Wojciech Odrobina What does an architect do?

Wojciech Odrobina tells us more about what an architect does in his day to day

Wojciech Odrobina Do you want to know what an architect does? Architecture is the art of modifying the spaces that the human being inhabits, which can go from a particular construction to an entire city.

The architect, among other functions, will be the professional in charge of supervising both the design and the prior preparation of the land on which it will be built. Find out what an architect does and the different roles it can fulfill.


The architect is an educated person in the ways of designing, directing and building architectural projects, which can range from small-scale designs (such as houses), to large-scale designs (such as city planning).

They must take into account aesthetic, structural and utilitarian factors of all the constructions that they will carry out, since all these constructions must be at the service of those who will inhabit them.



In this way, the architect will be the connection between the client and the construction site, directing the different operators who participate in the project, obtaining construction materials according to the given budget and ensuring the physical integrity of the building.

Wojciech Odrobina - Finally we remind you that architects not only work in the construction of buildings, but also in extensions or modifications of the same. Read on to find out a little more about the different skills these professionals exercise.



Wojciech Odrobina What are the tasks that an architect can do?

The work of an architect can be translated (for example) into four areas, such as consulting, research, design and management. In more detail, some of the activities you can do are:

- Advise in the search for land to build

- Advisor on issues related to construction legal regulations

- Advisor in the recruitment of construction personnel

- Construction inspector

- Advisor in obtaining permits

- Building maintenance advisor

- Design architectural projects

- Lead energy sustainability projects


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