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Wojciech Odrobina  Ireland

Wojciech Odrobina Architect with extensive experience in the development and creation of urban design, always taking care of the details and organization of all the projects he carries out, thus providing a quality treatment and unique experience to the client. Unique and innovative designs created by the hand of the latest 3D technology programs, as well as the domain of programs such as Archicad, Artlantis and photoshop. Artistic skills developed with which the project of your dreams is designed. Creation of different architectural facades from baroque to urban and modernist, in addition to a wide planning field in which it includes: houses buildings, parking lots and medical spaces.

Wojciech Odrobina Longford - Architecture and design

Wojciech Odrobina Longford - Architecture and design

Wojciech Odrobila Longford -Architecture and design were not always two twinned activities, in the history of humanity they were not always related. At the beginning, at the beginning of man it can be said that the design was in the minds of men, that what came out of their heads was what they tried to capture in reality.

Wojciech Odrobina - Architecture
Wojciech Odrobina - Architecture

Later, in the Roman houses they had some previous design,  a sketch and this can be considered the beginning of the architectural design as we know it today. There are no writings or plans found of the Parthenon or the great Greek buildings.
What is known is that in the construction of the city of Florence, carried out by Brunelleschi, the first Renaissance architect, he had to present sketches to the Bishop of Florence
in order to approve the works.
From there the plans, sketches, were more linked to the previous part of the presentation of an architectural work. Unlike the prehistoric era, it was now necessary to capture 
what the architect had in mind on paper and carry this document that would be evaluated and modified even by other architects. This new procedure gave the science 
of construction and design another character.
Wojciech Odrobina - With the foregrounds and designs, cities from nowhere could be designed and built and applied knowledge of the exact sciences such as geometry, mathematics, 
engineering and calculus were vital for this.
Architecture and design are also related to interior design or interior architecture.
Wojciech Odrobina - Modern Architecture
Wojciech Odrobina - Modern Architecture
The interior design is as important as the exterior design therefore there is a specialty, the interior architect who deals exclusively with designing as will be the interiors of a building, 
or make remodeling and extensions. This is a new specialty given the complexity of the work, which is studied in several universities in the United Kingdom, the United States,
 Germany, the Netherlands; Architects exclusively dedicated to design, project interior spaces.
As for the hermeneutics of the terms architecture and design, there is sometimes some confusion between the two terms and their respective role in business. 
According to specialists, architecture focuses on strategy, structure and purpose, towards the abstract. The design focuses on implementation and practice, towards the concrete.
Most designers and architects will do both types of work, but most would be described both as a designer and as an architect according to how it is frequently presented.
Architecture without design is nothing, it can remain forever in a world in search of increasingly fine and idealized abstractions. Design without architecture tends to look for 
solutions optimized exclusively for a single task in a technical context, only for current techniques and technologies.
Wojciech Odrobina - Buildings
Wojciech Odrobina - Buildings
Wojciech Odrobina Carrick on Shannon - Both architecture and design are essential. We can only come up with suitable, useful, easy-to-maintain solutions as long as the architecture and design reach an appropriate balance.
One of the reasons why good architects are relatively rare to find is that, in order to work well, architecture must cover an increasingly wider scope, which unites through more 
and more disciplines, and still remain grounded , to the immediacy of everyday practice. Designers need only concentrate on an individual and manual task.
There are many good designers out there; and a good architect will know how to identify, use and respect his skills.

Wojciech Odrobina Longford. Architect with specialization in urban and planning design. Experience in architecture for more than 10 years. His work speaks loudly when talking about modern design. Some of his work has been seen in Poland and Ireland.

Wojciech Odrobina - Designs
Wojciech Odrobina - Designs

Wojciech Odrobina handles design from a family apartment to the construction of a shopping center or large hospitals.

It has an excellent work team, with which quality results are always provided, always complying in a timely manner with the finishes requested by the client.

The architect Wojciech Odrobina has always been characterized by offering a warm treatment to the client, always advising in the best way so that he can take advantage of the spaces, design variables and ecological implementations for better sustainability.


Wojciech Odrobina- Virtual Architecture
Wojciech Odrobina- Virtual Architecture

If you are looking for the person in charge of carrying out the house or project of your dreams, look no further, Wojciech Odrobina offers you the best costs and type of construction, always adapting to your ideas and budget.

Wojciech Odrobina -Interior Design
Wojciech Odrobina -Interior Design

In addition to architecture, the architect Odrobina, provides his services for the realization of urban planning of social quality projects, as well as cities or countries that want to improve or correct their urban planning, to provide a better quality of life to its inhabitants. , as well as improvements in urban design are visualized, from functional, such as improving the aesthetic visuality of areas with departments and business districts to green and social recreation areas.

Wojciech Odrobina Longford knows his work and so will the world in no time.

Although when we think about the word design, other branches come to mind, such as fashion design, graphic design and web page design, there is a very important and influential branch for our society, and that is the design of architecture, also known as an architectural design.

But what is architecture design specifically? Wojciech Odrobina Said -We can imagine buildings, giant sculptures on the exterior of cities and skyscrapers, but the architecture design is not limited to just that.

We can understand understand by architectural design also known as architectural design the task in charge of meeting the needs and satisfying the demand to create living spaces for human beings. It is not limited to a technological sense, but also includes the aesthetic side, so important and influential in people's lives.

The design concept refers to the creative process used to obtain a specific and determined objective or goal. To establish and create a design, data and knowledge on the subject, a training and a study related to the subject to be designed and the branch to which it refers, in this case architecture, are taken into account. To achieve a design itself, it must meet a series of requirements and meet the stated objectives, both aesthetic and technological.

In the case of architectural design, the objective is none other than to design an architectural work that meets a specific need, such as the demand for living space. This space can be designed to be a residence or home, or for a work or leisure space, such as an office, an auditorium or even a park.

Wojciech Odrobina - The architecture design is also responsible for creating and presenting all kinds of technical solutions for construction, so that any problem or circumstance, such as lighting or the size of the space to be designed.


Although when we think of the word design, other branches come to mind, such as fashion design, graphic design and web design, there is a very important and influential branch for our society, and that is architecture design, also known as an architectural design.

But what is architecture design specifically? We can imagine buildings, giant sculptures on the outside of cities and skyscrapers, but the design of architecture is not limited only to that. It is much more than that very brief and summarized concept. We are talking about a whole branch of art and design, whose definition and analysis we will see below, for your perfect understanding and knowledge.



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