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Wojciech Odrobina  Ireland

Wojciech Odrobina Architect with extensive experience in the development and creation of urban design, always taking care of the details and organization of all the projects he carries out, thus providing a quality treatment and unique experience to the client. Unique and innovative designs created by the hand of the latest 3D technology programs, as well as the domain of programs such as Archicad, Artlantis and photoshop. Artistic skills developed with which the project of your dreams is designed. Creation of different architectural facades from baroque to urban and modernist, in addition to a wide planning field in which it includes: houses buildings, parking lots and medical spaces.

Wojciech Odrobina - Explain what a Render is?

What is a render?

Wojciech Odrobina - Renders are images that are produced by digital means of an architectural project. From the 2D design or architectural plans of architects or engineers, the project is modeled in 3D.

The project model is made from 3D design programs. The building is modeled, the spaces are furnished, the vegetation is located and the final materials are placed.

Once the project modeling is completed, the render lighting is located. In the case of exterior renderings, a light source similar to that of the sun is placed. With the sunlight the facades and setting illuminates as normal natural light can be seen outdoors.

The lighting of lamps is also placed on walls, on floor, soffits or posts. In the case of interior renderings, the luminaires indicated in the project are placed. The controlled light of the lamps causes very interesting spaces. It is important to have a good lighting design for interior spaces. In the case of exteriors, luminaires are also placed on posts or on the floor next to the vegetation. When performing night renderings, this type of lighting causes a very pleasant effect on the final images.

Render types

Wojciech Odrobina Carrick on Shannon Renders are images that are produced through a 3-dimensional model. From this model you can make different types of render according to what you want to show or promote.
Static rendering

The renderings can be static, that is, an image similar to a photograph. These static renderings can be produced of high quality and realism so that the human eye is assured that it is a building that already exists.
Static renderings are made from interior or exterior spaces. When a real estate company wants to promote a complete subdivision that is about to be built, the renderings are produced from the access and the facades of the houses.

In the case of an architect wants to promote one or some houses that he is building, the exterior renderings of the facades of these houses are also made. Exterior renderings are modeled even of streets to be remodeled or new bridges.

In this case, the new structures are modeled and inserted into photographs of the current state of the roads.
It is important that the renderings are of high realism, because when inserted into photographs of the current state, they can be perfectly integrated. In this way a very approximate effect is achieved on how the finished project will look.

Render day and night
Wojciech Odrobina Longford The renderings can be set by day, afternoon or night. It is important to take into account the time at which the render image will be proposed. When planning a daytime rendering, the orientation of the sun should be taken into account. In this way shadows are produced that give volume and realism to the structures of the building.

Benefits of architectural rendering.

The architectural render has a great advantage for builders, designers and real estate. Renders are three-dimensional perspectives of an architectural project. It is much easier for anyone to understand a project if they can see it in three dimensions than just on the lines of a plan. In addition, the render perspective has the finishes with which the floors and walls will be covered. You can appreciate the natural and artificial lighting proposed by the architect or designer.

The render makes clear every detail of the future construction. When developing prior to the construction of the project you can modify details that are not completely comfortable with. You can also complete some points that had not been taken into account. When the render is completely to the taste of the builder or the buyer then the plans are complemented and the construction is carried out.

There are currently several programs that support us in the realization of architectural renderings and animations for designers. Among the most important are AutoCad, 3D Max, Revit, SketchUp and Maya.

You can hire the renderings of your architectural project with the architect Wojciech Odrobina. Contact us and start selling your projects before you start building them.

Have a look at some 3D render that the architect wojciech odrobina has made


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